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Air Atlanta Aero Engineering, one of Europe's leading aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul organizations, is part of the Air Atlanta Aviation Group. The company provides the highest quality maintenance services to group companies Air Atlanta Icelandic, Air Atlanta Europe, Islandsflug and associate company Excel Airways. In addition the company continues to support UPS and third party airlines and leasing companies.

Air Atlanta Aero Engineering was formed following the acquisition of Shannon MRO from UPS by Air Atlanta Aviation Group in Feb 2004. The company is JAA and FAA approved to perform heavy maintenance on B727 and B737 aircraft. B757, 767 and 747 capability will be add during 2004. Currently employing 160 staff the company will add up to 60 staff over the next two years to meet the growing demand from Air Atlanta Aviation Group companies and third party airlines and leasing companies.

Air Atlanta Aero Engineering is one of Europe's leading B737 heavy maintenance providers. Extensive experience has been built since the mid-1980's for leading operators and leasing companies of the type including Islandsflug, Excel Airways, Aer Lingus, Virgin Express, Pegasus Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Futura, Hainan Airlines, GECAS, ILFC and Debis AirFinance.
The company is approved on all series B737 including New Generation aircraft.

Air Atlanta Aero Engineering commenced operations in their new facility in October 2002.The hangar can accommodate up to B747-400 sized aircraft. The building consists of 65 000 sq feet of hangar space and 25 000 sq feet of offices and support shops.

The current configuration allows for two to three lines of heavy maintenance and a casualty / line maintenance bay.

Air Atlanta have implemented ColorNet Document Management Solutions throughout their organisation. The Maintenance of aircraft is a highly specialised area that generates volumes of paperwork. To improve productivity, improve efficiencies, reduce cost and offer an improved service, Air Atlanta has implemented ColorNet Document Management:

Work Documents is responsible for issuing work jobs and maintaining a record of all jobs that are carried out on each aircraft. The Work Documents are printed with a barcode; additional relevant information is then added to the Work Document by the aircraft technician, confirming that the job has been completed. The Documents are then scanned using a high speed ColorNet Scanning Device. The ColorNet software reads the Barcode and indexes the document automatically, Additional information is than added to the index  from their existing database. The Scanned work Documents are stored on a NT Server, using existing security polices. Copies can be giving to Customers on CD if required. This solution was approved by the IAA. 

By implementing this solution Air Atlanta have realised the following benefits.


      Increased Productivity, Personnel can instantly access any document from their PC.

      No Misplaced or lost Files.

      More space, filling cabinets have been replaced; a 80gb Doc Server can hold 2,000,000 Documents.

      Reduced Information Distribution Costs; Photocopying and faxing have now been reduced and replaced by email.

      Improved Disaster Recovery Plan: Now all paper based Documents have been backed up.

      Easier Collaboration between Departments. and Customers

      Replacement of outdated and inefficient Microfilm systems.

      Better Security, only personnel who have the relevant security rights can access documents.



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Our Document and File Management system
works in 3 easy steps
Simply scan your documents at a touch of a button on our high speed network scanners  or export them directly from any application.
Index through key stroke entry or automatic index using barcode or OCR technology.
No more lost files. Retrieval is simple and instant, Store up to 2,500,000 Documents on a 100gb.

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