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About DocuNet

DocuNet is a wholly owned Irish company having many years of experience as a leading provider of document management, COLD and workflow software solutions. We provide complete In-house scanning and imaging solutions as well as providing an outsourced scanning facility through our Scanning bureau. We provide a nationwide service, with offices in Roscommon, Dublin and Kerry.

DocuNet products are designed to integrate with eCabinet, SharePoint, MSSQL, Windows Desktop Search, Sage, SAP, VATPOINT, and  Group just to mention a few. We have many clients in the Financial Sector asOUTLOOK. We have many clients spanning all industry and corporate sectors, including ESB, Quinn Healthcare, McDonalds Restaurants, Shannon Aerospace, Analog Devices, Murray’s Europcar, Johnston & Perry Group to mention just a few.




It's true. Increasingly more businesses are making their move to DocuNet's Document Management System. For increasingly more reasons. As our global marketplace becomes smaller and more competitive, organizations are seeking for ways to increase efficiencies and decrease costs.

The information age has evolved to the point where it has become commonplace for organizations to create and receive most of their data in various format's. Further more, given the influx of cost-effective easy-to-use DocuNet Information Management Solutions, companies are taking closer looks at how they manage traditional paper-based documents and electronic files.

Just look at the facts:

FACT: Companies spend about 10% of their revenue handling paper documents.*

FACT: It costs 15,000 to fill a four-drawer file cabinet and 1,600 a year to maintain it.**

FACT: The average office loses one out of 20 documents and spends about €150 for each lost document recreated.+

FACT: The Document and Information market is growing by 65% per year.++.

FACT: The average gain in productivity after implementing a document imaging system is 30%.+++

Consider, too, issues like security, accessibility and peace of mind.

  • For instance, when you leave the office each day, just how safe are your paper-based documents?
  • Or, what would you do if a key member of your organization suddenly left without advising anyone where important active files were stored?

With DocuNet, your worries are a thing of the past.

Specifically designed for multiple users in organizations, DocuNet EDM enables users to quickly and efficiently manage a wide range of documents, including scanned images, electronically created files, reports, audio and video.

Many different technologies are involved in electronically managing documents: scanners; printers; servers and workstations; storage devices; and more. Yet while the majority of organizations use these technologies individually, most of them are not integrating them to effectively access mission-critical information and maximize their efficiencies.

Enjoy instant accessibility to all documents on your network.

With DocuNet, you can quickly scan, publish, locate,  retrieve, view, print and distribute documents - in any format - in or out of the office. Your files can be safely duplicated and managed offsite on the Web for disaster recovery. Best of all, DocuNet offers real cost-saving advantages over a paper-based system.

What's involved with implementing DocuNet's Imaging System?

It's time you knew.

To successfully migrate to DocuNet's Imaging System, a document must go through the four fundamental stages, commonly known in the industry as Capturing; Indexing; Storing; and Retrieving. Here's how they work:


Paper-based documents
Capturing a document is the first step of the DocuNet solution. Paper-based  (i.e. invoices, purchase orders) are captured via the DocuNet Capture application, using  our high speed document capture system. Then they're converted into a digital format (much like a fax machine does) and entered into the electronic document management system.

Computer-based documents
Documents that are already in an electronic format, such as CAD drawings and word processing or spreadsheet files, can be exported directly to DocuNet system with ease using DocuNet Export.


Once a document has been captured and entered into your electronic document management system, it is critical to organize it for efficient archival and retrieval purposes. Using special indexing (cataloguing) software, documents are classified and filed according to keywords - document type, author, part number, date, designer, P.O. number, etc. 

Keep in mind that the number of keywords you use is totally contingent upon your organization's specific requirements. When assigning documents keywords, consider how many documents you handle on the average day, as well as the nature of each document.

Methods of Indexing
There are various ways to index your new document management system. Select the option that best meets your requirements and work environment. They include:

  • manually entering keywords;
  • choosing keywords from a select list;
  • utilizing a fully automated bar code identification system. This method is very easy to implement because all documents (regardless of format) can be indexed instantly and automatically, simply by printing /affixing bar code labels.


Once your documents have been indexed, they are ready to be stored in a secure digital file cabinet - in exactly the same format in which there were created. Keywords are automatically added to the index for quick access by multiple users in future.

Older or inactive documents should typically be moved (or "migrated") to another storage media format, such the CD-ROM or DVD. While it is slower to access these files, the CD-ROM is more cost-efficient and therefore a more practical storage vehicle for these types of documents.


  This last stage is, without question,  the most importance to everyone working within your organization. After all, employees rely on DocuNet to retrieve a document safely, quickly and easily. And organizations rely on DocuNet to help achieve new levels of productivity.

Accessing documents is quick and painless - providing that they have been properly captured, indexed and stored. Authorized users can conveniently retrieve documents by inputting keywords, such as the storage date and name of the person who stored the document. What's more, documents can be retrieved instantly and simultaneously by many users within the organization - no matter whether they're based in the same city or halfway around the world. Additionally DocuNet Document management works with desktop search utilities such as Microsoft Desktop Search, Vista, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Desktop Search.

Imagine what DocuNet can do for you!


As Docit continues to evolve at a rapid rate and enhanced workflow (processing and routing of work) becomes more important to organizations, new emerging document workflow solutions are being introduced to help the business world reach an all-time high in productivity. While standard document imaging solutions tend to only manage static image documents, these workflow solutions are also equipped to manipulate electronic documents and their component formats.

In essence, DocuNet's workflow solutions can:

  • help reduce the amount of time a document spends travelling amongst users;
  • highlight specific areas of a document;
  • notify users when a new version of a document is available; and
  • convert documents of one format into another format for distribution over the Internet.

Backup your Documents over the Internet.

There's no question that getting your documents into an electronic document management system is critical. However, backing up those documents is just as important.

So, where should you start? You can publish your documents on many media: paper, CD-ROMs are among the more traditional formats. But it should come as no surprise that the Web has become regarded as the publishing medium of choice. It is being used to distribute documents to growing audiences via the Internet or private enterprise-wide Intranets. In these environments, documents can be conveniently retrieved by anyone in the world with Web access and a Web browser.


Email us now to find out how you can save money while increasing productivity.

Docit Solutions are used by Analog Devices, Wyeth, Shannon Aerospace, Air Atlanta,  Mc Donalds, ABC Brokers, Panda Waste, Wyeth Askeaton, Dairygold, Castlemahon Foods, ESB, Hitachi, SES Aviation, Royal Institute of Architects, Tourism College, Mid Western Lifts, Sligo County Council, HKM Milling, Hunt Office Supplies, G & A Manifold, Virtual Staff Services, Dr. Kieran Murphy - Medical Practice, Brendan Nolan Engineers, Power Home Products, Aillied Semi Conductors, MediKleen, Stryker, Anaduff Credit Union, Carrick Credit Union, Wexford Credit Union, Armagh Credit Union, Shannon Credit Union, Kilrush Credit Union, Douglas Credit Union, Fermoy Credit Union, Examiner News Papers, Molloy McSharry Insurance Brokers, Kerrys Eye Newspaper, Aisling Software, Bupa Ireland, Barrys Express, M J Butler Solicitors, Sean Mahon & Co. Solicitiors, J P Foley Solicitors, T. K. Madden & Co. Solicitors, Bernard Cunnane Solicitors, GE Electric, McDonaghs Hardware, Telfords Hardware, Beattys Hardware, TDS,  and many many more organisations through out Ireland

* Geoffrey Rowan. "Documents Drain Corporate Resources," The Globe and Mail
** Orfal, Robert, Don Harkey and Jeri Edwards. The Essential Client/Server Survival Guide, Wiley Computer Books .
+ Third party sources in Coopers and Lybrand studies.
++ Delphi Group
+++ Rifkin, Glenn. "The Future of the Document," Forbes ASAP

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Our Document and File Management system
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Simply scan your documents at a touch of a button on our high speed network scanners  or export them directly from any application.
Index through key stroke entry or automatic index using barcode or OCR technology.
No more lost files. Retrieval is simple and instant, Store up to 3 Million Documents on a 100gb.
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