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Analog Devices, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of high-performance Analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs) used in signal processing applications.

ADI's products are sold to a wide diversity of customers in the communications, computer, consumer, and industrial markets. During FY2001, approximately 40% of ADI's revenues were derived from the industrial market, 38% from the communications market and the remaining 22% from the computer and consumer markets.

ADI's products are sold to over 60,000 customers worldwide through a direct sales force, third-party industrial distributors and independent sales representatives. The Company has direct sales offices in 19 countries, including the United States. Approximately 39% of ADI's FY2001 revenues came from customers in North America, while most of the balance came from customers in Europe and Asia.

The Company is headquartered near Boston, in Norwood, Massachusetts, and has manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts, California, North Carolina, Ireland, the Philippines, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Founded in 1965, ADI employs approximately 8,800 people worldwide. The Company's stock (NYSE: ADI) is included in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

Analog's original and primary Irish hub is based in Limerick, Ireland's third largest city. Here, their custom built, state-of-the-art facility houses Analog's wafer fabrication, design, test, and marketing divisions.  

Analog Devices in Limerick employ over 1400 qualified and highly skilful personnel. Their Human Resources Department looked to DocuNet and their range of Document Management Solutions to improve Human Resource Services, increase productivity and reduce costs. 

The solution involved the high speed scanning and indexing of all personnel files, each personnel file was sub dived into the following categories, Application Forms, Reviews, Attendance, Training & Education, Miscellaneous, Pension, and Medical. Each File was indexed under employees name and SAP #. The Documents are stored on a secure NT Server, using existing NT Security polices. Each member of the HR Department can instantly retrieve any employee’s file; they can find all Documents relating to an individual by entering either their Name or SAP number or both. They can if they wish drill down to a category by adding it to the search criteria. Documents that have been scanned are stored off site.

By implementing this solution Analog have realised the following benefits. 

      Increased Productivity, HR Consultants can instantly access any document from their PC.

      No Misplaced or lost Files.

      More space, filling cabinets have been replaced; a 40gb Hard Drive can hold 1,000,000 Documents.

      Reduced Information Distribution Costs; Photocopying and faxing have now been replaced by email.

      Improved Disaster Recovery Plan: Now all paper based Documents have been backed up.

      Easier Collaboration between HR Staff and other Departments.

      A better and more efficient HR service to staff.

      Better Security, only personnel who have the relevant security rights can access documents.


With many new applicants applying for new positions in Analog each month, Analog implemented CV Router, an additional module from DocuNet. CV Router allows Analog to track applicants, and to see what stage they are at in the application process. The system allows HR Consultants to promote an individual to the next stage of the process if necessary. At any time they can see how many applicants, applicant’s details, aptitude tests and any relevant paperwork, for any position that might be available. Additionally they can use the system to collaborate with their colleagues on an applicant. CV router also generates personalised word documents to an applicant when they reach a certain stage of the process. The system is user configurable and Analog can add a new discipline or stage at any time.


Analog Devices have also implemented the system in Training, all training Documents are scanned and indexed by Employees Name, SAP # and Training Discipline. The system is continuously updated allowing Training Staff to view files by either Employee or Discipline. It also facilitates the sharing of this information with Supervisory Staff without the cost and time associated with hardcopy documents.


The Finance Department in Analog have also implemented the system, All incoming invoices are indexed using their SAP transaction number. This facilitates members of the accounting department to view the original invoice if there is a query or question.







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Our Document and File Management system
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Simply scan your documents at a touch of a button on our high speed network scanners  or export them directly from any application.
Index through key stroke entry or automatic index using barcode or OCR technology.
No more lost files. Retrieval is simple and instant, Store up to 2,500,000 Documents on a 100gb.

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