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MacCourt Financial Planning

MacCourt Financial Planning, established in 1991, is a firm of independent financial consultants, and is regulated by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority (IFSRA) as an Authorised Advisor.

They represent a wide range of banks, stockbrokers, insurance & investment companies.

MacCourt Financial Planning has over 600 individual clients and over €60m in funds under management.

They are licensed by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority and are members of the Irish Brokers Association, Irish Association of Pension Funds, the Retirement Planning Council and their associate company MacCourt Trustees Ltd. have been approved by the Revenue Commissioners as a Pensioneer Trustee since 1995.

In order to improve Client Services, increase productivity and reduce costs, Gervase MacCourt, the Managing Director decided to implement a DocuNet Document Management Solution.

The Solution involved the scanning and importing of all client correspondence, whether incoming or out going, these documents are indexed and classified by document type and client name. The Documents are stored on a Secure Server which facilitates remote off site access if necessary. Financial Consultants within MacCourt Financial Planning have immediate access to any client file, ensuring improved client service levels. Additionally the DocuNet Solution facilitates a complete, secure, offsite backup of all business documents to enhance the existing disaster recovery plan.

MacCourt Financial Planning have realised the following benefits from implementing the DocuNet Document Management Solution;

     Improved Customer Service levels, financial consultants can instantly access any Client File from their PC.

     No Misplaced or lost Documents.

     More space, filling cabinets have been replaced, and the need for offsite storage and retrieval have been reduced a 40gb Hard Drive can hold 1,000,000 Documents.

     Reduced Information Distribution Costs; Photocopying and faxing have now been replaced by email.

     Improved Disaster Recovery Plan: Paper based Documents have been backed up.

     Easier Collaboration between Financial Consultants and Clients.

     A better and more efficient service to Clients.

     Better Security, only personnel who have the relevant security rights can access documents.

     Less Physical Storage Space is required at their Head office in Leeson Street, Dublin, Ireland.   




Sales Enquiries: sales@docunet.ie
Support Enquiries: service@docunet.ie
Our Document and File Management system
works in 3 easy steps
Simply scan your documents at a touch of a button on our high speed network scanners  or export them directly from any application.
Index through key stroke entry or automatic index using barcode or OCR technology.
No more lost files. Retrieval is simple and instant, Store up to 2,500,000 Documents on a 100gb.

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