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Shannon Aerospace specialises in the Heavy Airframe Overhaul of narrow body aircraft. Owned jointly by Lufthansa Technik and SR Technics (Swissair), Shannon Aerospace performs structural maintenance checks on Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas narrow body aircraft types.

Located in a purpose-built facility in Shannon in the West of Ireland, Shannon Aerospace currently employs more than 800 highly skilled people and has been in operation since 1992. Aside from performing heavy maintenance checks on Lufthansa’s and Swissair’s fleets, the company reserves more than 50% of its capacity for the global third party market and to date, has worked with more than 50 of the world’s top airlines.

Shannon Aerospace have implemented DocIT Solutions throughout their organisation. The Maintenance of narrow body aircraft is a highly specialised area that generates volumes of paperwork. To improve productivity, improve efficiencies, reduce cost and offer an improved service, Shannon Aerospace has implemented DocuNet Document Management in the following areas: 

Work Documents Department

Work Documents is responsible for issuing work jobs and maintaining a record of all jobs that are carried out on each aircraft. The Work Documents are printed with a barcode; additional relevant information is then added to the Work Document by the aircraft technician, confirming that the job has been completed. The Documents are then scanned using a high speed Panasonic Scanning Device. The DocuNet software reads the Barcode and indexes the document automatically. The Scanned work Documents are stored on a NT Server, using existing security polices. Copies can be giving to Customers on CD if required. This solution was approved by the IAA. 

Personnel Department

The solution involved the high speed scanning and indexing of all personnel files. Each member of the HR Department can instantly retrieve any employee’s file; they can find all Documents relating to an individual by entering either their Name or SAP number or both. With many new applicants applying for new positions in Shannon Aerospace each month, they implemented CV Router, an additional module for Panadocs from DocuNet. CV Router allows Shannon Aerospace to track applicants, and to see what stage they are at in the application process. The system allows HR Consultants to promote an individual to the next stage of the process if necessary. At any time they can see how many applicants, applicant’s details, aptitude tests and any relevant paperwork, for any position that might be available. Additionally they can use the system to collaborate with their colleagues on an applicant. CV router also generates personalised word documents to an applicant when they reach a certain stage of the process. The system is user configurable and Shannon Aerospace can add a new discipline or stage at any time. Shannon Aerospace have also added all salary and wage records to the system. 

Material Work Support Department.

Material Work support is responsible for all parts, their relevant certification, and all records relating to parts. To increase productivity and enhance accountability, they use the DocuNet system to scan all relevant documents for future retrieval.  Using Bar-coded labels, the documents are automatically scanned and indexed on their SAP reference number. 

Training Department.

Training Material is scanned and using OCR, the documents can be easily updated when new procedures are introduced.  This enables a more dynamic approach to updates. 

Finance Department.

The Finance Department in Shannon Aerospace have also implemented the system, this helps with the instant retrieval of all paper based documents, including invoices, purchase orders, and all relevant financial documentation. All Documents are indexed by their respective SAP reference number. It also offers a Back up of paper based Documents.  

By implementing this solution Shannon Aerospace have realised the following benefits

Increased Productivity, Personnel can instantly access any document from their PC.

No Misplaced or lost Files.

More space, filling cabinets have been replaced; a 80gb Doc Server can hold 2,000,000 Documents.

Reduced Information Distribution Costs; Photocopying and faxing have now been reduced and replaced by email.

Improved Disaster Recovery Plan: Now all paper based Documents have been backed up.

Easier Collaboration between Departments, employees and customers.

Replacement of outdated and inefficient Microfilm systems.

Better Security, only personnel who have the relevant security rights can access documents.



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Support Enquiries: info@docunet.ie
Our Document and File Management system
works in 3 easy steps
Simply scan your documents at a touch of a button on our high speed network scanners  or export them directly from any application.
Index through key stroke entry or automatic index using barcode or OCR technology.
No more lost files. Retrieval is simple and instant, Store up to 2,500,000 Documents on a 100gb.

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