Our file management system
works in 3 easy steps
Simply scan your documents at a touch of a button on our high speed network scanners  or export them directly from any application.
Index through key stroke entry or automatic index using barcode or OCR technology.
No more lost files. Retrieval is simple and instant with Desktop Search, Store up to 2,500,000 Documents on a 100gb and find any thing instantly
::Mc Donalds Restaurants
Mc Donalds Restaurant's choose Docit for its Electronic Document Management Requirements.

A popular fixture since they first opened there doors on Grafton Street in 1977, McDonald's now has 68 restaurants in the South of Ireland with 30 in Dublin and 38 around the country. Of that number 48 are franchised to 30 franchisees and the remainder are owned by the company. In total their restaurants directly employ over 4,000 people with a significant number of jobs also generated by companies who form part of their supply chain. 

The solution involved the high speed scanning and indexing of all incoming invoices, The Documents are stored on a secure NT Server, using existing NT Security polices. Staff can instantly retrieve any invoice; they can find all Documents relating to a supplier by entering the invoice details. By implementing this solution McDonald’s have realised the following benefits. 

  • Increased Productivity, staff in the financial department can instantly access any invoice from their PC, or over the web from any Restaurant.

  •  No Misplaced or lost Files.

  • More space, filling cabinets have been replaced; a 40gb Hard Drive can hold 1,000,000 Documents.

  • Reduced Information Distribution Costs; Photocopying and faxing have now been replaced by email.

  • Improved Disaster Recovery Plan: Paper based Documents have been backed up.

  • Easier Collaboration between Staff and other Customers.

  • A better and more efficient service to customers and suppliers.

  • Better Security, only personnel who have the relevant security rights can access documents.

  •  Less Physical Storage Space is required at their Head office.




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